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The Barnette Law Firm focuses on rock solid results which may include a varying degree of results. Some attorneys are loud and argumentative; they take pride in having a “trial mentality”. The Barnette Law Firm is not that firm. Here, we make informed decisions and execute quality results which may include trial or settlement agreements. The Barnette Law Firm is in the business of keeping your family functioning after major or minor disruptions. As a result, the Firm’s approach is different because we desire a different, long-term result for you and your family.

“The game of life and how to play it is all about rolling with the punches and picking up the pieces.” Anonymous

Will drafting, special needs trusts, guardianships and conservatorships are just a few of the legal mechanisms The Barnette Law Firm utilizes to preserve our clients’ assets while also protecting loved ones who may be experiencing a significant life change. Estate planning requires skill and an ability to solve the intricacies of life. The Barnette Law Firm is the firm with a proven record to navigate through the challenges. Allow us to solve your problems!

The Barnette Law Firm will walk you through every step. Reach out using the contact form below or instantly schedule a meeting with us by clicking the Calendly button below. Let’s figure out how we can help.

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